4 Benefits of Using Butt Plugs for Couples

Things you have never known can be unearthly fun. This is the conclusion that people who first used anal toys in sex come to. They can brighten not only anal pleasures, but also many other types of bedding. However, if the partners do not have experience in using sex toys, this can lead to a number of problems during sex. Therefore, before undertaking experiments, it is necessary to learn about all the important nuances concerning these devices.

The most important thing in anal games is caution. You cannot hurry and make sudden movements. Otherwise, anal sex will turn into an unpleasant experience, which will bring one discomfort. In addition to caution, it is very important to learn to relax. To do this, you can start sexual pleasures with foreplay. A long and high-quality massage of the glutei zone using aromatic oil will not only relax the muscles of the anus, but also have a stimulating effect. Then it is necessary to smear the little finger with lubricant, and, after warning the partner, gently insert it into the anus.

It is necessary to insert a finger very slowly, so that the partner has time to get used to the new sensations. If it became unpleasant or painful, it means that the little finger has gone too far. Such an experiment will help determine the depth at which an anal toy can be inserted. Before you insert a finger into the anus, you should put in order the nail on it: trim and cut it well. If the manicure does not allow you to do this, then wrap the nail with a cotton pad and put a latex glove on your hand.

What you need to know about lubricants

High-quality lubricant is the key to successful sex. Everyone knows that the lubricant in the rectum does not emit naturally, therefore it is necessary to help this zone with moisture. For the delicate skin of the anus, you must use a thick lubricant. In order not to be mistaken in choosing, among a large range of lubricants, you should choose a tool intended for anal sex. Beginners can take a lubricant with anesthetic effect. During enema lubrication should be kept close and constantly added as needed.

Anal beads

This toy is a great choice for newbie. It is even better when their beads gradually increase in size. This device was created specifically to relax the muscles of the anus. Beads are much softer than plugs or dildos. Before you start the game, you need to probe each bead with your fingers. This should be done in order to ensure their smoothness and even coating. Sharp notches on the beads can injure the delicate skin of the anus.

If you still find irregularities, immediately cut them with a nail file and polish the treated surface. It is also necessary to verify the strength of the knot near the last bead. Treat the beads and their core with lubricant, and then slowly begin to insert the toy into the anus. After the introduction of each bead, stop, letting your partner get used to the sensations.

Engage in vaginal or oral sex, and when a partner gets used to the beads, start pulling them out. Some people like pulling beads before orgasm, and there are those who prefer to do it during it. As for the extraction speed, everything is individual here, so you can experiment with the tempo. But it is not recommended to do it too quickly – the feelings will not be so bright.

Butt plugs

There are many advantages of metal butt plugs. These devices are created to ensure that they remain motionless in the anus during sex. For easy penetration inside the anal plugs are tapered. For beginners, it is better to use small plugs, and after that it will be possible to use vibrating toys, beads and much more.

Before you start the game, you need to not greedily lubricate the tube with lubricant. Enter it slowly without haste. Watch your breathing – it must be deep. Only with maximum relaxation of the sphincter toy will easily pass into the anus. The muscles of the anus are completely weakened immediately after the widest part of the tube is inside.

For cleaning anal toys suitable ordinary soap and hot water. Pay attention to the instructions for the toy, compiled by the manufacturer.

If you dream of anal sex with a strap-on, then we recommend you take your time and first conduct preparatory activities with other toys. When the anus is ready – you can go to the strap on. You should start with strap-on of small diameter and gradually increase it to find a comfortable size. In order not to buy a new strap-on each time, we recommend purchasing a panty with a universal mount – Vac-U-Lock or with a ring. With further experiments, you can simply purchase the necessary attachments for your strap- on with a large diameter.

Butt plugs attract with their versatility. They are suitable for both experienced anal fondles and beginners (the main thing is to choose the size), can be used during sex or foreplay, and for self-satisfaction. Corks of a certain size can even be worn all day long – while driving, they more strongly stimulate the erogenous zones of the anus.

Butt Plugs: What they are

The main differences are in material and size. The shape of all anal plugs is about the same – a cone with a wide retainer. Top sex shop can also offer you a pyramid-shaped model. The material varies from the most common types that are suitable, including for beginners, such as silicone, PVC, latex, to options that are relevant for experienced amateurs – metal, glass. The first group is distinguished by its elasticity, smoothness or velvety, it retains heat for a long time, the second group is hard, sliding toys that are cold to the touch, but quickly take on the surrounding temperature, and their price is also higher.

Sizes of Toys

Anal cork toys can be quite small – up to 4-6 cm in length and about 2 cm in diameter, or, conversely, strike with their parameters. You can also purchase items that can be lengthened or expanded – as a rule, these are latex toys with a pear for injection. Separately, it is worth to identify anal prostate stimulators with vibration – these are the same plugs, but with a slightly curved tip, which allows the accessory to aim better at the desired zone. Such products, like other types of traffic jams, can be vibrated – usually a bullet vibrator good for ejaculation is used. More info at loveplugs.co

What anal toy is right for you?

Anal plugs should be selected based on your experience, and actually preferences. The best choice for a beginner, as reviews show, will be a classic plug with parameters equal to the length and diameter of two fingers. Getting used to this size, you can increase it. It is better to choose material elastic – silicone, PVC. TOP sex shop can offer you a model with a variety of design – especially popular options with a pebble at the base and fur tail. If you’re interested, you can get playful fur tail plugs at loveplugs.

For long-term wearing, it is better to choose corks of medium and below average sizes – up to 10 cm in length and about 3 cm in diameter. The same options will work if you want to pick up metal anal plugs for insertion into the anus during vaginal sex

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