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For a long time the secrets of using vaginal balls were kept in the palace of emperors, and only empresses and concubines of emperors were trained to use them. Many of those who mastered this technique had very good health, retaining in their old age the same resilient and generous love organs that they had when they were young unmarried girls.

These methods were practiced with the aim of delivering maximum pleasure to the emperor during lovemaking. In Japan, such secrets were possessed by geisha, who gave a man extraordinary pleasure, having developed vaginal muscles, in the internal vagina and voluptuous compression of the penis during sexual intercourse. Today, the sex industry offers a wide selection of various vaginal simulators. Here is the beginners guide to anal beads.

Balls can be used for pleasure, and for training the muscles of the vagina. They will give a much greater effect than the simple execution of the Kegel exercises, but without using them. Moreover, from the point of view of finance, this task is not necessarily expensive: to find cheap vaginal balls at an affordable price will not be hard work today. Most often they are made of plastic. The benefits of a special massage can also be added to the benefits of trained muscles listed in the previous article.

Performed using vaginal balls

There is an opinion that it can be performed by them and only by them. In accordance with this point of view, the balls, reaching inside the vagina of the so-called “dead zones”, that is, those areas that are not affected during even the most violent proximity, can thereby increase blood flow to these areas and reduce the risk of congestion. And as gynecologists say, the cause of all female diseases is the wrong sex life and stagnation.

In addition, the vaginal balls just help many women to better study their anatomy, to understand their feelings. The balls return to the vagina a grasping reflex, so important for the sexual sphere.

Attention! Women suffering from infectious, inflammatory diseases and allergic reactions can use the balls only with the permission of the attending physician.

From the history

The art of owning a body originated in ancient times. Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, and after them the Greek and Roman sexual mistress used special exercises and devices to develop such important intimate muscles. Very rich Chinese, who were able to contain a harem, actively encouraged wives to use a variety of simulators. The most effective was considered a stone simulator in the form of eggs.

For a long time the secrets of using Ben-va vaginal balls were kept in the palace of emperors, and only empresses and concubines of emperors were trained to use them.

To train the vaginal muscles in ancient India, young girls were given two round-shaped stones in the vagina, and in Japan two balls of metal or ivory were made to hold young objects in themselves and under no circumstances let them fall. This play of muscles in the women of India was considered a special art, and the brides who owned it were highly valued, and a great ransom was relied on for them. Japanese geisha took care of such art for enthusiastic suitors, as well as for special receptions. In the 18th century, already refined, more modern beads were brought from the Far East to the full free morals of France. The French gave them the name pommes d?amour (apple of love) and used this fruit of pleasure in the palaces to create a kind of frivolous furries, and in the best houses.

Types of balls

Today, the sex industry offers a wide selection of various vaginal simulators. Stimulators that develop vaginal muscles include all types of eggs, the shape of which can vary from standard egg-shaped to elongated, as well as various balls.

As a rule, the size of the balls is about 3.5 cm. But there are also smaller diameters – from 1.9 cm to 3 cm. The materials of which the simulators are made are also very diverse – metal, plastic, latex, and medical rubber. In this case, the vaginal balls can be with an offset center of gravity and weighted. If you’re interested in metal and steel made toys, get yourself one at

Surface vaginal balls are very different. You can find both silver-plated and gold-plated balls, smooth and spiked; they can have a variety of bulges and ribbons.

Anal beads: how, what and for what?

Have you been thinking for a long time to try something new in sex? Thoughts about anal sex visit you more often, but until you are ready or afraid to bring them to life? Anal beads will be the best answer to such sexual fantasies. Thanks to their small size and convenient form, they can be used both alone and in proximity with a partner.

How to use anal beads? Let’s look at this issue in detail.

First of all, what are they? This is a few balls or seals on one thread or constituting an integral design. Their shape is designed specifically for insertion into the anus. As the balls are removed, they create a number of pleasant sensations, thanks to the muscle massage. Unlike the anal plug, which exerts pressure and is intended only to penetrate the anus and stay inside, anal beads are designed to stimulate the inside of the body and the translational movement in and out. Balls are inserted into the anus one by one, and then pulled out at any speed you wish. The anal zone and the vagina have a number of common internal nerve endings, so rectal stimulation with the help of balls causes a powerful sexual pleasure.

How to use anal balls

Start with a finger: If you are new to the anal game, start by slipping into one finger and then experiment with larger toys that will make you feel comfortable.

We use grease. And then again: The anus does not emit a natural lubricant like the vagina, so you need a special lubricant. Do not regret the grease – it is your best friend during anal games. Try to use lubricants corresponding to the material from which your toy is made, otherwise there is a possibility to spoil the intimate accessory.

Not in a hurry: Insert the beads into the anus one by one slowly. As soon as they are inside, you will feel full and enjoy when they move inside you. There is no need to enter all the balls, stop where you will be comfortable.

We use beads during sex: Anal beads can be used with a partner in several ways. First, ask him to pull the balls at different speeds to get a lot of different sensations. You can also enter them during vaginal sex – they add a lot of thrill for both of you.

Tip: Try to pull the beads during or just before the approach of orgasm. You have never experienced such a bright finale!¬†if you’re interest, get one at loveplugs

How to choose anal beads?

When buying any intimate accessory should pay attention to the material from which it is made. In the case of anal balls, medical silicone would be ideal, as the material is as resistant to bacteria as the intestinal micro flora is very rich in bacteria and viruses and very aggressive.

Silicone toys are easy to disinfect between use (between sessions or different partners), all you need is soft soap and warm water. Experts recommend avoiding cheap plastic beads on a string, as they are much more difficult to properly clean. The toy must have a comfortable loop or a restrictive base, which, firstly, will prevent the accessory from sinking completely, and secondly, will serve for a comfortable draw.

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