How I sexually satisfy myself without getting attached and committing to relationships

These days, it’s not uncommon to see single women in their late 30s living life as if they were fresh out of high school. They are free, independent, and, most importantly, happy. Yet, the common belief is that a lady can’t be any of that without a man. But that’s total BS. Both men and women can find purpose in their lives without a steady partner.


In the following few paragraphs, we’d like to introduce you to our dear girlfriend who’s a perfect example of a single yet sexually active lady in her 30s. The idea is to explain how she keeps experiencing great pleasure but never falling for her partners. So, without further ado, here’s what Kris has to say about this topic.

Masturbation and Sex Toys

“There’s no actual guide to independent sexual pleasure. There are no lessons you can study to separate yourself from the majority of people who’re into having a steady partner. You make it as you go along. Well, at least that’s how I did it. Either way, I guess I can say my secret starts with masturbation and — you’ve guessed it — sex toys.


Like most girls, I like to touch myself. However, it’s not about doing it all day, every day. It’s actually about doing it with a proper masturbation technique that involves a quality toy — my trusted pink rabbit vibrator. Yep! The one that looks like it has bunny ears. But don’t let the cuteness fool you, girl. Those rascals will make you erupt like a volcano.


If you’re wondering why I’d turn to sex toys if I can hook up with a guy anytime I go out, let me tell you I do it because it’s easy. After being solo for almost five years now, It’s quite hard to find a man who can please me the way my pink friend does. Most guys think how they’re sex demigods. But in reality, they can barely make you bite your lip, let alone come.”

Regular Viewing of Porn

“Let’s not fool ourselves anymore. It’s not just guys who eat up porn. We love watching a good scene just as much as they do. In fact, I consider myself a fan of porn. I follow quite a few NSFW subreddits, but I won’t go into detail about which they are. Let’s just say I love watching certain body types doing certain things.


Nevertheless, whenever I feel like I can’t find a guy that suits my fantasy, I go online and type in what I want to watch. The best part is that there are so many sites out there that you don’t have to subscribe to any major studio. And if you want some far-out stuff, well, that’s actually worth every dime. You can find all sorts of fucked up genres nowadays.


Like most other people, I masturbate with my sex toy while watching a scene. It’s either in bed on my laptop, or in the bathroom while on my phone. Either way, it feels good to know that you’re independent of men. What’s more, it helps me get my self-esteem up before I go out in search of a quick hook-up. You know, I feel like I’m glowing after I come.”

I Tried Hook-Ups

“As I’ve said already, I enjoy hooking up with guys from time to time. The way I go about it is by using Tinder. It’s a great app, and I honestly don’t know what I’d be doing without it. Of course, at first, I was a bit hesitant. You know, I dated back in the late nineties and the times were different back then. The internet was a scary place. But, hey! Once my friend introduced me to it a couple of years ago, I can’t stop but swipe studs while at work.


The best part about hooking up is when you begin to text. You know, I like to get dirty as soon as possible. No matter if I’m into the guy or not, I skip asking personal questions. I jump straight into dirty talk. Because, as you know, a girl like me isn’t looking for a relationship. I’m on Tinder only because of quick and easy sex, so I set the mood as quickly as possible. And let me tell you something — some of the best fucks came from Tinder.”

Joining Sex Parties

“At first, I thought these events were only possible in movies like Eyes Wide Shut. Yet, there I was, all naive and young. My friend told me about this place outside of town because she knew about my undying sex drive. Again, at first, I was like — nope!  But after some second-guessing, I said why the hell not.


The best thing about sex parties is that you get to dance yourself clean and fuck at the same time. It’s like being at a real party, but no one is hiding in the bathroom having sex. They do it in front of you. Also, since I’m single, I don’t care about infidelity. I get to fuck who I want and when I want. Moreover, I get to have sex with multiple partners at once.”

How I Did It

“Before I let you go, I need to say a couple of words about safety. I’m sorry, I can’t go into any masturbation guides. I do it my way, and it’s not that easy to explain. Nevertheless, being independent doesn’t mean being stupid. I take care of my sexual health and play it as safe as possible. No condom? No sex for you, mister. Also, before I go out to hook up with a new guy, I always inform my close friends about it in case something goes wrong.”


— Kris

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