How to Have the Best Sex with Your Partner

Autumn has already knocked on our doors and the evenings we spend on the terrace were quickly transformed into the evening in front of the TV or in the chair reading a book. We suggest that you animate these monotonous evenings, and for this we have prepared some ideas for you to pleasantly surprise your partner and create some unforgettable moments.

Both physical and emotional, every relationship requires effort. Keeping interesting things in the bedroom is just as important if you are at the beginning of your relationship or if your honeymoon seems to be a distant memory. These tips will help you spice up your sex life and make you feel closer than ever, better than improving semen through chastity cages. Sexologists give you some ideas on how to ignite the spark, but it is up to you to keep it bright. If you can’t have sex by chastity, this is perfect you.

Choose a lot of possible possibilities

You are in a sexual routine: the same moment of the day, the same place, the same positions – it is definitely time to get out of the comfort zone and bring things to a new level! Whether you’ve been together for months or years, it’s easy to get stuck in a sexual routine. Speak to each other and share with one another what’s incite you and choose some favorite positions and why not positions you have never tried but fall into your own nasty fantasies. Gender releases oxytocin, the “love hormone,” so not only relieves stress, pain and stimulates immunity, but also to get you closer. More sex, less stress!

Protect the Corresponded

Every piece of intimate underwear has its purpose and highlights your qualities or conceals small imperfections of your body. It is important to attract attention, to provide a mysterious air to mask the intimate parts of the body but to reveal just what is necessary to stimulate the interest of the partner. You can do that with any piece of sexy lingerie – whether you prefer a full set of intimate lingerie with a port artier, a sexy corset, body underwear or negligence – surely the result will be one to your expectations. Even a pair of sexy pants or tights can have a great effect for extra sparkle in the bedroom.

Transform the Fantasy in Reality

We all have fantasies and role play is the perfect way to explore while we are in a relationship. She speaks dirty, uses a sexy accessory or chooses a sexy costume and brings to reality the scenario of her favorite pornographic film. Whether it’s a scenario or an erotic outfit, once you open this conversation, the possibilities are endless. We encourage you to have a sexy costume in one evening, letting imagination grow, choose the right suit for your fantasy or partner, come into play and turn this evening into an unforgettable one.

Bondage Accessories

Pleasure is an art that requires the right tools. Bondage is not just hardcore; BDSM and bondage should not be about pain. Otherwise, chastity can affect men’s health. Delivering BDSM elements in the bedroom is a bold way to keep things interesting. One of the most important parts of bondage is that you have to trust your partner, but this trust will only bring sexual pleasure. This situation will add to your sexual life, but it also strengthens your relationship. Put in handcuffs, mask or whip in your bedroom this night and find out how hot things can become in your couple life. SM is not a fad, but a special way to have and feel sex. Those who have no experience with sadomasochism, should therefore take it slow.

When sadomasochism you think spontaneously of whips, paint and leather. That alone would be something clichéd thought because the SM is about much more. Anyone who has ever blindfolded his partner, tied his hands or skimmed the body with ice cubes has already made his first experiences towards SM. Most SM learners are more about domination and submission than pain. The game of power and submission, sweet torment and lustful salvation definitely has its charm.

For some people, however, even the perceived pain increases the sexual desire. This has physical reasons: The pain center and the pleasure center are close together in the brain. The pain releases endorphins into the brain, opium-like hormones that cause intoxication.

Important: SM only works if there is absolute trust between the partners. Because straight SM sex requires that one respects each other. No matter which of the following ideas for SM beginners you want to test out: It is only allowed what they like. This is extremely important here, because you are ready to cross borders together.

SM for beginners: tickle sex

Thinking about how to introduce idea of anal pay to your partner? Conveniently, the most ticklish parts of a human body (for example, the soles of the feet, the inside of the thighs, armpits and elbows) are in line with its most erogenous zones. To tickle your partner sounds harmless, but it can also be a game of power and powerlessness and a kind of erotic torture. Especially if the tickled is tied up and cannot escape the touch.

Here, tickling and other caresses should alternate, so that the seduced torn between self-winds, laughter and excitement. And: Do not be too relentless when he implores mercy for laughing and groaning!

SM for beginners: role playing games

Both partners agree on a history and a role allocation in this type of game. Often it is about domination and submission, sometimes humiliation. Since this can be quite explosive, a timeframe and of course the “Safe word” is set beforehand. This is a codeword that requires the game to stop immediately. This is the only way to ensure that after the role play the partner is respected again in his whole personality.

A popular RPG, for example, is the maid game. The submissive partner wears the clothes of a maid and must follow the instructions of his master and be available for a variety of tasks. From household tasks to love services, anything is possible. Role-playing games with dominatrix and subjugated, students and teacher or abduction scenarios are popular. Utensils for domination games are, for example, shackles or gag. Important: The gagged must get enough air, that is: necessarily let your nose free! You can also be a slave being scandalized through chastity cage.

SM for beginners: Bondage

At bondage or bondage, the ghosts are different: For many SM supporters bondage is not SM, for others, it is the ultimate SM kick. Tie up with handcuffs, ropes or scarves, be chastised through calls. But beware: Do not tie too tight, otherwise your hands and feet will become numb. The most comfortable are padded leather restraints. The pleasure for the captive person is that they can completely fall into their senses and accept what the partner does to her. That is, the submissive part is tied with legs spread and arms outstretched, for example, to the bedposts.

SM for beginners: games with fire and ice

When playing with the fire, the partner’s body is drizzled with warm wax. White household candles are best suited for this because their melting point is rather low and the liquid wax does not get too hot. Start carefully and drip at the beginning of at least one meter of wax drops on the partner. Begin in less sensitive areas and feel the urge to slowly.

Ice is also a popular SM toy. Tether the partner gently and let the ice cubes over his body drive. You can get closer and closer to your partner’s central pleasure zones. Of course, slowly, so he has to suffer a little. So he has to wait until you release him.

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