How to Massage your Prostate for Perfect Health

Well hidden and mostly forgotten: In the male consciousness, the prostate usually only moves when it causes problems. The small organ for the sex life is an indispensable companion. Read here how the prostate affects sex.

The prostate – an important gland: The prostate, also called the prostate gland, is an approximately four-centimeter-sized walnut-shaped gland. It sits below the urinary bladder and surrounds the urethra in a ring, which leads the urine from the bladder through the prostate and penis to the glands.

How important the chestnut-sized organ for sex, not all men know. Often, the prostate gland leads a veritable shadowy existence and becomes a topic only when it causes discomfort – such as in the course of a benign enlargement, inflammation or if even a malignant tumor forms in it. But the prostate is also at every climax with it.

The prostate ensures sperm survival

The sexual organ is located under the urinary bladder and surrounds the urethra of the man, who in addition to the urine also directs the seminal fluid to the outside. One third of the seminal fluid, which fills about a teaspoon, contributes to the prostate. The collecting gland consists of connective tissue, musculature and many small individual glands. In them the prostate secret is formed. This liquid, which is released during ejaculation, makes the sperm motile and ensures its survival among other things, because it protects the sperm from the acidic environment of the vagina. There are questions like Is prostate massage gay? And the answers are also present. No.

Without a prostate, the man is unable to produce

In addition, the organ ensures that the ejaculate is injected at the climax of the penis. In addition to the prostate, the penis, anus and pelvic floor are involved in these intense muscle contractions. In summary, this means: Without a prostate a man is not capable of generation.

Stimulation of the prostate: the G-spot of the man

Furthermore, there are couples who have come to know the prostate gland as a pleasure center. It is not for nothing that the prostate is called the “G-spot of the man”. The organ is a highly erogenous zone and palpable over the rectum. Many men report that gentle stimulation of the healthy organ in the form of a gentle massage intensifies orgasm.

This stimulation, which takes place via the anus, is known above all as a tantra practice. Here, the woman can bring sex toys or her fingers to use. The stimuli cause a pulsation in the urethras. The result is gentle contractions that begin in the area of ??the pelvic floor muscles. In some men, the stimulation of the prostate already ensures that they have an orgasm.

Pain at peak due to enlarged prostate

However, the organ can also have a negative effect on sex, for example if it becomes benign. If the prostate swells significantly in its interior, this has effects on the spermatic ducts, among other things. It is possible that less ejaculate is expelled or not at all. If the organ is also inflamed, it can cause pain when contracted during orgasm to throw out the seminal fluid. In the long term, the pain can even affect the ability to have an erection and severely disturb the sex life: pain inhibits pleasure as well as the fear of reliving the pain.

If prostate cancer has formed, it may be necessary to have surgery. The prostate is completely removed (prostatectomy). Nerves are often damaged. That in turn has an impact on sexuality. The risk of suffering from impotence after the procedure is 80 percent. But it does not have to come that far. If the cancer is detected early, it can be gently treated. The risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction decreases to ten percent.

Cancer prevention at what age:  The chances of a cure for prostate cancer are good, provided the tumor is discovered. At the age of 45 at the latest, men should therefore take part once a year to the urologist and a cancer screening, with family bias also earlier.

A laparoscopy or a robot assistant removes the carcinoma and makes it possible to maintain an erection. However, the man is no longer capable of procreation. Nevertheless, he can have sex even without a prostate and experience an orgasm, as long as no important nerve tracts have been damaged during the procedure. However, the climax is then “dry” because no more prostate gland is formed and it no longer comes to ejaculation.

Prostate cancer: This can reduce the risk

On the main risk factors for prostate cancer, the age as well as genetic factors, men can not interact. What can be influenced, however, is the lifestyle. As the Cancer Information Service (KID) of the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) reports, studies indicate that overweight increases the risk of contracting prostate cancer. The experts therefore advise to move a lot and to pay attention to a normal weight.

Reduce cancer risk: These foods protect the prostate

The PSA test, which is offered in all urology practices, is also an important parameter for assessing the cancer risk of the patient. However, it is important not only to determine the PSA value once, but to observe its course over a longer period of time.

Problems with urination or erection: Better to the doctor

So that prostate problems are detected early and the lovemaking does not suffer, men should always consult a doctor if they have pain during sex or erection problems occur. This is also true if there are problems with urination, for example, shows a reduced urinary stream, plaguing constant urinary urgency or dribbles it after going to the toilet again and again. The earlier the trigger is treated, the better the treatment options. Check out different variants of prostate massager at great prices here.

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