Orgasm with dildos: how realistic it is

Sex toys are now an integral part of the sexual life of many people, alone or in couples. The dildo also called dildo is the oldest since it has existed for millennia and is the most popular especially with people who seek above all the simulation of vaginal penetration.

The realistic dildo is the most popular. As the name suggests, it is closer to the sex of an erect man to get as close as possible to natural penetration. Some vibrating dildos are going to satisfy the pleasure of masturbation.

For a solo pleasure, as a couple but also too many, there are many models and make your choice is not easy. There are surely a lot of questions that you ask yourself and we will answer them in this complete guide on realistic dildo. We will also give you our selection of the best realistic dildos.

The dildo: a classic sex toys

This is the best known, the most popular but it is especially the oldest sex toys. It has existed even since forever. The earliest writings date back to the 3rd century BC, when two friends boasted of the pleasure of this object made at the time in leather.

The success of the dildo today is such that it is one of the sex toys most purchased. It is the one that makes it possible to get closer to the natural penetration. Popular with women, couples and gays for realism, the dildo is the classic and one of the best selling sex toys. It is found in different forms and materials so that each and every one finds the one that corresponds exactly to what he / she is looking for.

The different types of dildos

If you want to be tempted by a dildo, know that a wide choice is offered to you for a solo pleasure or two.We find of course the classic realistic dildo that we hold with one hand and that we enter without her vagina but it is not the only one, far from it.

For example, you can choose a strap-on dildo. As its name indicates, it is a belt or harness on which is fixed an artificial penis. This type of model is very popular with lesbian couples but is more and more in heterosexual couples so that the woman can play the role of dominant or just to please a man who loves anal pleasure.

There are also suction cups. This is at the base of the realistic dildo and is fixed on a support. The woman can thus introduce it into her vagina by sitting on it for example and by making quick or slower movements according to her preferences. This dildo allows him to have free hands and so caressing her clit at the same time for more pleasure.

For those seeking a vaginal and anal pleasure, there is the double dildo. It has two ends in the form of a penis. This type of realistic dildos can also be used in pairs and simultaneously. Depending on the use you make of it, it can be rigid or flexible. There are also 3-headed dildos for multi-pleasures.

For those who want to stimulate their clitoris too, there are vibrating dildos. But in this case, there is more talk of vibrator. And finally, you will find ejaculatory dildos that simulate you will have understood a real ejaculation. For that, it is enough to fill it with lukewarm liquid and in particular milk.

Why opt for a realistic dildo model?

The realistic dildo is a sex toy very bought by all people who want a naughty object that is closer to a real penis. The realistic dildo looks like to be mistaken for a real penis.Closer to the appearance of a male sex, any sex toy, he can go so far as to imitate the veins in which the blood flows at the moment of the excitement. Chills and orgasms guaranteed. It exists in different sizes but also in different materials to find the one that best fits your desires and preferences.

This type of dildo is for those who are looking for a sex toy that is as similar as possible to the touch and the appearance of pleasure and can be used by single people but also as a couple or for a sexual relationship to several . It offers sensations and exceptional pleasures similar to those offered by a real penis. It may even happen that some women feel more pleasure with a realistic dildo than with a real penis.

Realistic dildo: pleasure alone, with two or more

Many women say they want a realistic dildo just out of curiosity. But the reality is often different. They most often want to take pleasure and reach an orgasm other than with their fingers for singles and other than with their partner for couples.

Couple cement, sexuality is an aspect not to neglect throughout a relationship. But when the routine settles like the decline of the desire, the sex toy can spice up your sexual frolics. Your partner can play and excite you with a realistic dildo that inserts into your vagina for example. There can be several uses of realistic dildo in a couple and that’s also why it’s so popular.

A couple can also choose a double dildo or a dildo belt to discover new sensations and new pleasures or simply because the couple likes the idea of ??penetration to two.The realistic dildo can also be part of a full-blown sexual relationship, including a dildo with 3 heads.

This is your first purchase and you do not know which dildo to buy? To give you a little help, here is our selection of the best realistic dildos.

The realistic BigBanana dildo

This realistic dildo is a sucking dildo also known as best squirting dildos. It will allow you if you want to have your hands free. It can be positioned on a support but you can also hold it in your hand to make movements back and forth. It is medical silicone, flexible and looks like a penis. You can use it as a vaginal or anal dildo. It measures 20.3 cm in length and has a diameter of 4 cm. Very good quality; it is one of the best selling dildos.

The vibrating realistic dildo

This is a vibrating dildo. It can be used to be introduced into the vagina but also to stimulate your clitoris. It is a dildo that has a sucker for pleasure with his hands free. It is medical silicone, flexible, waterproof and does not fear cold or heat. His very realistic details make his success.

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