What are the Best Butt Plugs You Can Use in Public?

First of all, you need to understand why you will use the butt plug? Corks with rhinestones and their sizes are different, what are they used for? Can you wear a butt plug in hotels? You can get all the answers of the questions once you are able to analyze the use of anal sex toys and how they feel.

Along with dildos, vibrating massagers and erotic lingerie, such an accessory as an anal plug is popular with buyers. In the sex shops, classic models are offered and very exotic options of glass or ceramics, the original color. In general, it is small sex toys that can be used as an anal stimulator and additionally perform other functions. Let’s try to figure out why to buy such an accessory in a sex shop, how to choose the right product and what features it is important to take into account when using it.

Butt plug or plug is a small sized sex toy, with a limiter and a chain at the end. The accessory is used during anal sex, as well as for intimate games outside the bedroom. Butt plugs for masters from the sex shop are unique in that they affect the nerve endings at the beginning of the anal passage, causing great excitement. In addition to the stimulating function, the plugs also perform the role of an accessory for the preparation of the anus for future contact. The size and device of the anal plug allows you to develop the user’s anus and prepare it for a more serious penetration. Another function that an anal plug from an sex shop can perform is therapeutic. Due to pressure of the plug, the user constantly feels the need to strain the anus and internal muscles. This causes a rush of blood and therefore blood circulation in general.

Ways of using the anal plug

As we have already noted, there is a lot of information about how to use the anal plug, and every buyer should decide for himself what purpose he gets this accessory. Each use case involves the commission of certain actions and the achievement of the goal. To buy a butt plug , which will really be a pleasure, you need to visit an sex shop or a virtual sex shop , study the proposed range in detail and only after that get the desired thing. As for how to use the anal plug, let’s take closer look at the most suitable options.

Preparing for anal sex

With the help of the plug, you can quickly and painlessly develop the anus of a person who wants to practice anal sex. Of course, for this you need not just one accessory, but a whole set of anal plugs of different diameters and lengths. Together with the plug in the sex shop you should get a suitable lubricant that is applied very copiously to eliminate pain during the penetration of a stimulant. Only after the largest cork will easily get inside can you try other anal sex toys and start anal sex with the introduction of the penis. To prepare a partner for anal penetration, you should use the following tips:

  • Gradual stimulation of the anus, which prepares further penetration. At this stage, the butt plug is used for a couple of hours in a row or for a whole day, so that the partner is accustomed to the sensation of a foreign object in the anus and his muscles respond easily to the large size of the plug;
  • Partner’s interest – it’s worth starting with a small anal plug, a little thicker than a normal finger. This will allow you to mentally prepare your partner for anal penetration, and arouse his interest due to the pleasant sensations from the introduction of a stimulant;
  • Plugging should be done gradually. First, a small amount of lubricant should be applied to the anus and anal stimulator, after which you can proceed to the penetration, starting from the tip of the plug;
  • It is important to fix the result – after the development of the anus, you should leave the plug inside for a while so that the user can feel the plug inside. Such an action will preserve the progress made earlier.
  • At the preparatory stage, it is important to understand which anal plug should be purchased in order to achieve a stable and solid result. In this case, a cone-shaped, smooth cork with a length of up to 12 cm with a stopper or a convenient handle can be the best option for the plague . Thanks to this accessory, the sphincter will relax and become more accessible for penetration.

Double penetration

With the help of a dildo, vibrator or penis, as well as using the anal plug from the sex shop, you can try double penetration. Thanks to the plug, both participants of sex games will feel the fullness of the anus, tightness of the vagina, which will strengthen the orgasm and speed up its offensive. The most suitable type of anal plug in this situation can be a soft, comfortable tube of medium diameter with small bends. Cork – a simulator of a small penis or a plug with vibration is also perfect for double penetration.

Stimulator for anal sex with a girlfriend

If you cannot have sex, but really want to, butt plug found in erotic stories is perfect for a pleasant penetration into the rectum and stimulate the nerve endings. This method is also suitable and will be able to deliver many unforgettable minutes, including anal orgasm.

A long, fairly solid, medium-size cork can be a great accessory from a sex shop for such intimate games. The plug should have a handle that is convenient for stimulation or be two-sided . The shape of the stimulator is not particularly important, and here the user can make a choice on his own.

Stimulation of the prostate

For men who have tried anal sex at least once, during which the prostate massage was performed, will never give up new stimulations. During a man’s penetration, a man quickly begins an erection because the blood comes to the penis and makes it harder and more. Orgasm is also very bright and powerful. There are practically no differences between male and female traffic jams, and some couples who have a particular passion for anal penetration get plugged in sex shops and use them alternately.

For experienced users who want to try out a prostate massager that will have you screaming, a volumetric plug, bent in a certain place, is suitable.

Decorative cork function

Individual accessories, namely, their limiters can have a very original and aesthetically attractive appearance. For example, the warping of the plague can be encrusted with crystals, a playful tail from artificial and natural hair, or various nickel-plated fittings for BDSM games. For aesthetic pleasure, the buyer should choose such sex toys that are particularly attractive in his opinion.

Anal training

It is not necessary that a partner be present when preparing for anal sex . You can cope with this task alone, with the help of a special anal plug . Plug helps to expand the anal canal and make the user more accustomed to such penetration.

A suitable stimulator in this case may be an elastic plug over 10 cm long, equipped with a suction cup for fixation on a flat surface.

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